Russell Wilson Not Allowed To Attend Ultrasound W/ Pregnant Wife Ciara, FaceTimes Her From Car

Ciara, Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Not Allowed To Attend Ultrasound W/ Pregnant Wife Ciara, FaceTimes Her From The Car

Singer, Ciara, is currently pregnant with her third child and although this is not her first pregnancy, it is definitely the first time she’s experienced pregnancy during a global pandemic.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, pregnancy has been a different process for expectant women and their partners around the world. In an effort to slow the spread, many cities have implemented limitations for how many people can be in the doctor’s office or delivery room. Some women are being tasked with attending doctor’s visits alone and even forced to give birth alone.

The Seattle Seahawks superstar Russell Wilson and his wife of nearly four years, Ciara just announced their pregnancy earlier this year, and they’ve been impacted by the new requirements. Ciara took to her Instagram to share how she and Russell Wilson were able to cope with the new guidelines during her ultrasound as he was not allowed in and had to FaceTime from the car.

Ciara wrote in the caption that she would also be hosting an Instagram Live for other pregnant woman who are impacted.

“The life of a pregnant woman in Covid-19 Era is very interesting… Russ had to FaceTime me from the car for our Ultrasound ?? We don’t hear to much about US during this time.
Inviting all my pregnant women to chat with me and my doctor today on IG LIVE 2pm PST #WomensWednesday  “


Ciara, Russell Wilson and their kids, Future and Sienna, took to IG earlier this week to do their big gender reveal and announce the sex of their newest baby. Before the gender could be revealed, Ciara went around asking everyone if they wanted a girl or a boy.

Future, Jr., whose biological father is rapper Future, and Russel Wilson both wanted a boy while little Sienna quietly stated her hopes for a baby girl. As for Ciara, she said:

“Whatever God has for us”

The couple counted down from 3, 2, 1…… and boom! The Russell’s will be having a baby boy, making them a party of 5. Check out little Future and Russell’s victory dance below.

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Authored by: Mello Liza Smilez