Tyra Banks On The Verge Of Being Axed From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Hosting Gig As The Model’s Diva Antics Become Absurd To Staffers

Tyra Banks, DWS

Tyra Banks On The Verge Of Being Axed From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Hosting Gig As The Model’s Diva Antics Become Absurd To Staffers

Some of the staffers on “Dancing With The Stars” have had enough with Tyra Banks being a part of the show.

According to RadarOnline, Tyra Banks’ hosting gig on “Dancing With The Stars” is hanging from a string. Throughout this season, viewers have taken to Twitter declaring that they want the model to give up her duties due to a series of perceived slip-ups; including mispronunciation of names, awkward exchanges, and stealing the show. An insider for the series said:  

“People have had enough — including the judges, who are often her scapegoat when she messes up.” 

Tyra Banks

The insider with behind-the-scenes knowledge of Tyra Banks added:

 “Her gaffes are embarrassing, and she doesn’t seem to show remorse for getting names mixed up.”

The insider claimed that “bosses are giving serious thought to caving into the [firing] pleas — even though Len Goodman just retired as head judge,” due to scrutiny on social media.  In late October, fans noticed that Len Goodman and the “Life Size” actress had a seemingly tense moment after Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas finished performing their Argentine Tango. Len Goodman rambled:

“You just moved across the floor with effortless ease. I was transported to some club in Argentina.” 

Banks jokingly responded to his commentary while sharing that the audience had made a sound, asking:

 “What you talking about a club?”

Goodman fired back:

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

It has been confirmed that it wasn’t long before viewers started to sound off. 

Tyra Banks

As previously reported, the “America’s Next Top Model icon who normally gives the ultimatums received one herself back in July. The 48-year-old was reportedly given a clear choice: co-host season 31 of “Dancing with the Stars” with Alfonso Ribeiro or be jobless. A source previously shared:

“Tyra tried to host the show solo, and it just didn’t work. She thought her personality and talent would be enough, but viewers didn’t agree. Focus groups showed they missed the chemistry of two hosts working together. Obviously, Tyra wasn’t happy about the decision, but she had no choice, if she refused, she would have been shown the door.”

Although the California native wanted to host solo, Alfonso Ribeiro didn’t mind hosting with Banks at all. In a previous interview, Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks on the 90s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” said:

“She’s been someone I’ve known forever. We actually went to school together. I was in middle school, she was in grade school, that’s just to tell you that I’m older than her.”

Admitting that he loves working with Banks, Ribeiro added:

“We have such a wonderful relationship. It’s easy. We’re just so able to just work off of each other.”

Revealing that majority of the time they’re separated on the show, the Bronx native said:

“The energy is the warmth and that’s really important.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill