Mel B In Talks To Host Show Where Celebs Reveal Their Deepest Secrets

Mel B

Mel B Could Host Chat Show Where Celebrities Reveal Their Deepest Secrets

Move over Wendy Williams, Mel B is in talks to be the next person spilling celebrity tea. Word is she’s close to landing her own show, and TV executives reportedly believe that celebrities would feel super comfortable spilling their secrets to the Spice Girl.

One insider claims,

“Telly bosses feel her open and approachable nature would put guests at ease — and Mel’s larger-than-life personality would be entertaining viewing.”

The source added that a number of networks are already eyeing the possibility.

“A few channels are interested at the moment. She has a good relationship with ITV after she appeared on Piers Morgan, and they feel she would be a good fit for the channel.”

Celebrities might feel comfortable talking to Mel B considering she’s spilled many of her own secrets over the years. She opened up about her previous relationships with men like Eddie Murphy who she dated in 2006, and Stephen Belafonte, who she was married to from 2007 to 2017, in her book, Brutally Honest last year.

Mel B, Eddie Murphy

Stephen & Mel B circa 2014

She said of Murphy,

“I never felt so loved. I felt I had known this man all my life and that I was staring at my destiny in his face. What had started out as a thunderbolts in his kitchen turned into the most beautiful, nurturing and loving relationship of my life.”

The two went their separate ways shortly after welcoming their daughter, Angel, but things went left even more after Murphy questioned if the child was his.

‘It was completely out of character for him to talk about his private life, and it was even more out of character for him to say something so damning and nasty about someone he loved. The question ‘Why?’ has haunted me for more than a decade.”

Mel B

News of her own show also comes after reports that she’s starting her own sex toy line. Her representative said of the “cheeky” and “sassy” line,

“It’s something she wants to do properly with the right manufacturers.”

An insider also confirmed,

 “Melanie has had lots of chats with British ladies who have been bemoaning the range of sex toys. One asked her about a vibrator that looks like a lipstick but you can’t get it in the UK and they don’t ship them over here — it’s very frustrating! Mel’s researched what’s available. She’s had talks about designs and a range — there will be a splash of leopard print. Her aim is to have an upmarket range…”

For now, Mel B is on a reunion tour with her fellow Spice Girls (minus Victoria Beckham). 

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Authored by: Char Patterson