Kanye West Spotted At Church Service Amid Recent Reports That He’s Missing

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Kanye West Spotted At Church Service Amid Recent Reports That He’s Missing

Despite the alarming rumors, Kanye West hasn’t disappeared.

Last month, Kanye West’s ex-business manager, Thomas St. John, claimed that he’d been attempting to locate the rapper for weeks… to no avail.

Kanye West, Thomas St. John

Reportedly, Kanye West hired Thomas St. John last year to act as his senior financial advisor. However, upon not even half of their 18-month deal being completed, West allegedly grew irate and cut ties with Thomas St. John.

According to legal documents, the 45-year-old referred to their agreement as “bullsh*t” and “insane,” and he refused to cough up the coins that he owed to St. John. Due to West’s defiance, St. John decided to sue the Yeezy founder for a whopping total of $4.5 million in unpaid wages.

Kanye West

Unfortunately, when it came time for West to be served, he was nowhere to be found, and the addresses that were once verifiable for him (seemingly) became null and void.

Of course, once the information hit social media, it sparked speculation that West was not only out of dodge but (maybe) even in danger, raising loads of concern from his fans.

But… it seems that #TeamYe may now be able to put their worries to rest, as the illustrious lyricist was reportedly seen at church recently.

With a photo of West attached, a Twitter user tweeted,

“Kanye West NOT missing. However eagle-eyed fans of Ye spotted the rapper at church after some time of missing [rumors]. The Donda rapper donned a green jacket, a baseball cap, and jeans while having [a] conversation at the chapel.”

(click here to see the image):


The image of the male figure definitely appears to be West, but the accuracy of when exactly the flick was taken is currently up for question, with some wondering if it was taken before he allegedly went missing.

Do you believe that West is safe and sound or is he ducking his former money manager? Let us know in the comments below!

Authored by: Ashley Blackwell