Donald Glover’s Upcoming TV Series Inspired By Beyoncé, The Beyhive, & The Dark Side Of Standom

Donald Glover, Beyoncé

Donald Glover’s Upcoming TV Series Inspired By Beyoncé, The Beyhive, & The Dark Side Of Standom

Donald Glover’s next television project is reportedly inspired by Beyoncé and her infamous fanbase the Beyhive.

According to reports, Donald Glover has shared a first-look image from his upcoming Amazon series, “Swarm,” which takes inspiration from iconic singer Beyoncé. The show will follow a young girl obsessed with a fictional pop star and detail the “dark, unexpected places” that fandom takes her.

Donald Glover

If you didn’t already know, the Beyhive has been one of the most dedicated group of superfans (or, as they often call themselves, “stans”) in music for some time. The loyal fanbase will defend or attack anyone who insults Beyoncé, who earned the nickname “Queen Bey.”


Donald Glover’s new project will reportedly scrutinize stan culture through the story of Dre (played by Dominique Fishback), whose obsession with a pop star (who is apparently very inspired by Beyoncé) seemingly takes her to some dark places. Ironically, Dre’s sister will be played by Chloe Bailey — who is best known as one-half of sister duo Chloe X Halle and signed to Beyoncé’s label, Parkwood. Meanwhile, Dre’s boyfriend will be played by Damson Idris, the current star on crime drama series “Snowfall.”

Damson Idris, Dominique Fishback, Donald Glover, Chloe Bailey

During a recent interview, rapper/actor Donald Glover, 39, discussed the highly-anticipated show. He shared,

“A lot of people did it out of the kindness of their hearts and they did a really great job. Dom, Damson, Chloe. I was really blown away at how hard they worked on the tone, ’cause it’s a strange one.”

As for the writers, Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughter, Malia, was reportedly on the team. After working with the former President’s daughter, “Swarm” co-creator Janine Nabers said,

“Dre and Marissa are in their 20s and Malia is in her 20s, so it was really great having someone like her in the room. She’s a very professional person. She’s an incredible writer and artist. We really wanted to give her the opportunity to get her feet wet in TV and see if this is something she wants to continue doing.”

Donald Glover, Malia Obama

The show will stream on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon has yet to announce a release date for the series.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely