YSL Associate Lil Woody Seemingly Informs Police Of An Alleged Murder Plot Involving Young Thug & YFN Lucci In Newly Surfaced Video

Lil Woody, Young Thug, YFN Lucci

YSL’s Lil Woody Seemingly Informs Police Of An Alleged Murder Plot Involving Young Thug & YFN Lucci In Newly Surfaced Video

A new interrogation video allegedly involving two high profile RICO case rappers is circulating up the internet.

In the now viral footage, rap star Young Thug’s YSL associate Lil Woody is seen seemingly informing law officials of an alleged forthcoming murder. According to Woody, the plot seems to involve Thug, as well as rival gang member YFN Lucci.

As we previously reported, YFN Lucci, born Rashawn Bennett, 32, was arrested back in May of 2021 on racketeering charges. The “Everyday We Lit” artist remains in jail ahead of trial. Reportedly, Lucci and his fellow YFN members have maintained beef with fellow incarcerated rapper Young Thug and his YSL group. The “Best-friend” artist, born Jeffrey Williams, 31, is also jailed on separate RICO charges.

With both musician’s trial coming up, the Atlanta DA has steadily shared details regarding alleged gang activity and crimes committed and ordered by the rappers. With the newly surfaced interrogation video, it seems more evidence is being unearthed. The clips show YSL associate Lil Woody – with lawyers, officials, or colleagues – appearing to insinuate that Thug and Lucci are involved in a planned murder attempt. Though Woody initially withheld details of the alleged assassination, he eventually cooperates.

While it’s hard to follow his exact story, even for authorities, you can tell that Thug and Lucci are somehow involved. Another individual, according to Woody, named Shell Kell, seems to be the target. It’s unclear, however, if the individual is part of team YSL or YFN. Whichever, Woody claimed the assassination was going down that day, and attempted to secure a deal for further information.

Social media seems to be under the impression that Thug is being pointed out as the orchestrator of the crime. Which could be the case, as Woody told interviewers that he could make a phone call in secret to verify his claims. The YSL member added that he’d feel bad though, as the individual on the other line is someone “close” to him. As the footage continues to gain traction, users everywhere are calling out Woody for seemingly snitching. Users across all platforms have commented on the story, with many leaving nothing but the rat emoji in his comments.

Lil Woody

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Authored by: Kay Johnson