Update: Offset Reacts To Reports He & His Team Were In A Fight


Offset & His Team Involved In A Fight [WATCH]

Update #1 (11/11/21). Offset has released a statement addressing reports that he was involved in this altercation. He tells Complex,

“I wasn’t fighting at ComplexCon. I stepped in to break up a fight caused by a booth’s security. The story is false and overshadows why I’m a regular at ComplexCon. I was there to support the culture and emerging brands and designers. I’m focused on that. I’m in a positive space. Appreciate the concern.”

Original Story: Offset’s ComplexCon appearance included him and his team getting into a fight.

Video of The Migos rapper and his crew involved in a brawl surfaced Monday (Nov. 8). It’s not clear what happened at the event over the weekend, but his entourage was seen fighting a man in the clip. Offset was spotted wearing a red jacket and matching shoes as he approached someone in his crew. Things are a bit muddied but it was clear that someone from Offset’s side punched man, sparking a melee near the No Jumper booth.

While it was quickly broken up, the moment was captured on video. See below.

The incident comes a little over a year after his run-in police made headlines as well.

He was reportedly was driving through a crowd at a Trump Rally in Beverly Hills when his car was hit with flags. He was later stopped by police.

Officers said they were told he was waving guns at people, which was why they were called. Offset appeared frustrated and said,

“You just watched somebody beat my car up with a flag, what are you talking about?!”

When police asked the rapper to put his hands up and open the car door he refused, pointing out that he was recording on Instagram Live.

“I’m not doing that, it’s 25,000 people on my  live. You gon’ get sued publicly.”

Police opened  his car door and Offset is seen getting tugged out of the vehicle, also saying in the LIVE:

“I’m going to sue the s**t out of y’all do you know who I am?”

He was reportedly let go after questioning. Representatives from the rapper said he was never arrested, just detained.

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Authored by: Char Patterson