Singer Lucky Daye Breaks Silence On Longstanding Allegation That He Refuses To Pay Child Support: I Am Above Lies

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Singer Lucky Daye Breaks Silence On Longstanding Allegation That He Refuses To Pay Child Support: I Am Above Lies


It looks like Lucky Daye has had enough of the public scrutiny.

The “Over” singer recently addressed a fan who slid in his DM’s pleading with him to pay his child support. Annoyed by the fan’s comment, Lucky Daye decided to share the exchange on his Instagram Story.

The fan wrote,

“Please pay child support so I can listen to your music again.”

It appears Lucky Daye was fed up with the allegations that he doesn’t pay child support and decided to give the fan a piece of his mind. In a lengthy response, Lucky Daye said,

“1st off stop listening to one sided stories and making me suffer just because I don’t have time or energy or the low vibration to combat things that belittle me and my career. You people don’t have to listen to me if u wanna feed off negative drama that isn’t even tru.”

Lucky Daye then noted that he is above the drama and intentionally chooses to not respond to the negative chatter.

“I am above lies I am above low vibrations so I don’t respond to attention seekers. U ever ask y I never respond? No u just eat it up cuz ur social media drama sick! It’s a real mental thing and I’m not judging but I’m not your savior.”

Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye also let the fan know that he isn’t bothered if she stops listening to his music.

“U can listen to who u want and judge who u want. Doesn’t bother me baby. I take care if my biz. Take it or leave it. Just don’t expect me to stop being great to attend to lies and misinformation.”

He added,

“Feel lucky cuz I had time to explain to u today. Good bye. Hope you like my new album.”

Lucky Daye followed up with another post, letting his naysayers know he wants to be left out of the negativity and will not be addressing the matter again.

He wrote,

“That goes for everybody that live in the negative place. Glad y’all having fun w that but leave me out of it. I won’t be talking about it again.”

News that Lucky Daye wasn’t a supportive parent initially came from Ashley L, who starred in the BET series College Hill: Atlanta and shares a daughter, Kaydance Brown, with the singer. Ashley took to social media claiming that the singer doesn’t want to pay child support. In a video shared online last year, Ashley said,

“I care that I literally have to submit paperwork and documents to the courthouse because he doesn’t feel he should have to pay child support because of the pandemic. He wants to pay $0. A man who spent $369, 000 in a matter of months just for travel and entertainment doesn’t want to pay anything for child support.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole