What Do Celebrities Eat? Executive Chef & Restaurateur, Tobias Dorzon, Gives The Drop On: Lil Baby, James Harden, TD Jakes & More

What Do Celebrities Eat? —
Executive Chef & Restaurateur, Tobias Dorzon, Gives The Drop On What Some of Your Favorite Celebrities Love To Eat


Celebrities eat just like us, right? 

Well, with a little more razzle dazzle and perhaps a bigger price— They eat way more similar to you than you think!


The reputable and acclaimed Chef, Tobias Dorzon, has worked with many celebrities over the years; we asked him to share with us some of the stars’ favorite foods that he has cooked to give us a glimpse of what we may be missing out on or what we possibly have in common.

Tobias gave us the tea on what foods TD Jakes, Lil Baby, James Harden and others love and the dishes that they crave.

1.  Lil Baby

Being From Atlanta and a lifelong lover of Soul Food, it makes perfect sense that Lil Baby’s most favored dishes consist of all Southern foods: Chicken, Fried Fish, Seafood, Collard Greens and Mac & Cheese. In fact, he recently decided to expand into the food business with the opening of his new restaurant in Atlanta— The Seafood Menu restaurant & lounge. 


2.  Rico Love

Wanting the best of both worlds — land and sea— Rico loves a top tier Surf & Turf: a platter combination of seafood and red meat.


3.  Chad Johnson

As this retired NFL wide receiver seems to be McDonald’s #1 fan, giving the world’s largest fast food chain all of its praises and being a franchisee owner of three; we were all pretty sure that Ocho would prefer food from the McDonald’s menu. But, to our surprise, it’s steak! We love that for him.


4.  James Harden

The NBA all-star, James Harden, is no stranger to Chef Tobias’ cooking—having his very own upscale restaurant ‘Thirteen’ based in Houston with the executive Chef being yours truly. Tobias shares that Curry Shrimp & Asian Noodles is highly favored by Harden. Both are great choices but, one may wonder if he eats the two together.


5.  TD Jakes

The world renowned American preacher and motivational speaker, TD Jakes, loves himself a good meal. To be exact, a slab of savory pork belly cooked by Chef Tobias and some crab cakes.


6.  Rajon Rondo

This two time NBA Champion appreciates a few tasty Lamb chops and honestly, many of us can understand the hype. Why are Lamb chops sooo good!?


7.  Trent Williams

In 2017, the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive tackle football player once tried the Plant-Based vegan life after watching the Netflix documentary ‘What The Health’ — However, that plant-based lifestyle was short lived. Trent Williams favors a full flavored Deep Fried Beef Lasagna and when his chef isn’t cooking, he’s probably with Chad Johnson eating McDonald’s— as he stated on the I AM ATHLETE podcast.


8.  Pusha T

Pusha T never swayed away from a little beef… Rap beef, that is. But, when it comes to food however, the Rap artist loves some Potatoes and a delectable Steak.


What is your favorite things to eat?

Authored by: TJB Writer