Lupe Fiasco Defends His Love of Guns

Lupe Fiasco Defends His Love of Guns

Rapper Lupe Fiasco is exercising his Second Amendment right to bear arms. In today’s particularly sensitive time of scarily frequent mass shootings in the country, many question and frown upon people who broadcasts their love for guns on social media. Lupe is, surprisingly, one of those gun lovers. He recently took to social media to show off some of his toys. He posted an Instagram photo of himself smiling with one of his guns with the following caption:

“@lupefiasco Army Brat. #1300Club #WarsawPact4Life”

A fan immediately criticized the post. User @musaed_abrahams commented:

“@musaed_abrahams I know you’re probably very passionaye about shooting but from the outside looking in (I’m from South African) America doesn’t need more people posing with guns. I can admire the gun but the image is too real given what your country suffers.”

Lupe Fiasco explained that shooting a gun of this caliber requires extensive scientific knowledge. He said:

“@lupefiasco @musaed_abrahams however all you see is a man holding a rifle. What you may not see is the necessary understanding of physics, chemistry, math, weather & atmospheric sciences, topography, optics, ethics, discipline, philosophy and biology & physiology that is requires to be a long range shooter.”

Lupe continued to post other examples of his firearm fascination, seemingly to prove he means no harm.

Is Lupe Fiasco’s love of guns problematic?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay