Actor Jonathan Majors Speaks Out After Being Video’d Breaking Up High School Girl Fight: ‘I Saw It, That’s All’

Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors Speaks Out After Being Video’d Breaking Up High School Girl Fight: ‘I Saw It, That’s All’

Actor Jonathan Majors was recently caught on video mediating a volatile situation.

After the entertainer reportedly spotted two girls getting physically violent, he stepped in to encourage them to squash their beef.

Jonathan Majors

According to reports, Jonathan Majors was visiting a local In-N-Out this past Monday (September 11th) when he saw the two girls going at each other. In video footage of the incident, a group of on lookers can be heard ghastly reacting to the audible punches being thrown, though no one attempts to intervene. After a few seconds, Majors darts right into the middle of the brawl immediately putting some distance between the young women. The 34-year-old can then be heard trying to call them down, repeatedly telling them “it’s okay” and urging them to stop trying to fight.

The two persistently aimed to get close to each other as Majors continues to encourage the fight to end. It’s reported that the incident was between two students at Hollywood High School, which was across the street from the eatery Majors was patronizing. It’s reported that he left the situation after and no one was seriously injured. In a subsequent interview, the Marvel star was asked what happened and if he knew the young women fighting. In a few short words, Majors acknowledged that he didn’t know the individuals and, as the interviewer put it, was “trying to be helpful”. He added:

“It was a school fight. I saw it, that’s all.”

Jonathan Majors

He then answered “of course” when asked if he wanted to make sure no one got hurt, and offered the advice to the young girls to “be cool”. Majors‘ recent media highlight is starkly different than other coverage of him over the past few months. As we reported back in March, the entertainer was arrested and charged with assault and strangulation after allegedly getting into a fight of his own with his then girlfriend Grace Jabarri.  In the aftermath of his detainment, the actor suffered a significant blow to his career, being dropped by his PR and management team and being rumored to potentially lose his multi-million dollar contract with Disney.

However, the entertainer has maintained his innocence. Majors‘ lawyer claims the actor was racially targeted by New York City police officers and allege they coached Jabarri into making false allegations against him. Additionally, the legal professional says there is substantial video evidence to support her client’s innocent that will reportedly be unveiled in the coming trial. During his first court hearing, which Majors‘ attended hand in hand with suspected new girlfriend Meagan Good, a court judge set the case start date for August. However, the session was temporarily pushed back.

It’s reported that Majors is set to appear again in court for the case tomorrow, Friday (September 15th).


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Authored by: Kay Johnson