‘Married To Medicine’ Newbie Lateasha ‘Sweet Tea’ Lunceford Says Co-Star Dr. Heavenly Is Messy & Wants To ‘Keep The Heat Off Of Her Own Marriage’

Lateasha ‘Sweet Tea’ Lunceford, Dr. Heavenly Kimes

‘Married To Medicine’ Newbie Lateasha ‘Sweet Tea’ Lunceford Says Co-Star Dr. Heavenly Is Messy & Wants To ‘Keep The Heat Off Of Her Own Marriage’

Sweet Tea is showing that she has a sour side too.

“Married To Medicine” is back with its tenth season and the ladies wasted no time getting to the drama. If you’ve been keeping up with the Bravo reality series then you know this season introduced us to Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford, 32. The rising socialite is the new wife of OG cast member Quad Webb’s ex-husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford, 56. Surprisingly enough, Quad Webb, 43, and Lateasha Lunceford have had no drama thus far. However, the same can’t be said for the newcomer and Dr. Heavenly Kimes, 53.

Lateasha Lunceford, Dr. Gregory Lunceford

In addition to Lateasha Lunceford removing Dr. Heavenly Kimes from the guest list for her wedding, the women almost became physical with one another in the following episode, with Dr. Heavenly threatening,

“Don’t let me whoop your *ss like your mama should have!”

She added,

“You got f*cking daddy issues that’s why you gotta marry a man five times your f*cking age!”


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It seems their drama sparked after Dr. Heavenly Kimes expressed concerns for Lateasha Lunceford’s union. However, despite what Dr. Heavenly has had to say, Lateasha is standing ten toes down behind her man.

Thursday night (Dec. 7), while chatting with fans on TikTok live, Lateasha claimed that Dr. Heavenly’s comments about her relationship are a way to distract viewers from her own marital issues.

She said,

“Please don’t listen to Heavenly. She’s just trying to keep the heat off of her own marriage. Like, she doesn’t want to show that. She’s already said it at Bravocon that’s not up for sale, she’s not going to talk about that.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes and her husband, Dr. Damon Kimes

Lateasha continued, alluding that Heavenly is stirring the pot to avoid sharing the truth about her family.

“She has to attach herself to somebody else, that’s new, that’s willing to share, that doesn’t know the ropes. She’s willing to say anything and everything just to keep the light off of her, but she doesn’t mind getting the mess with you and creating something big so it can take the light off of her and her family.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes and family

Lateasha didn’t elaborate on what dirty secret(s) Dr. Heavenly could possibly be hiding, but as the live stream continued she doubled down on her dislike for the medical professional and even revealed she has an issue with famed “RHOA” producer Carlos King as well. For those who may be unaware, Dr. Heavenly and Carlos King often hold debriefing sessions about the series on Instagram Live following newly aired episodes.

While speaking on the media personality and her co-star, Lateasha expressed,

“I’m not going to be a fan of Heavenly talking crap about me with Carlos King. I’m just not going to be a fan of that.”

Carlos King

She elaborated further,

“[Carlos King’s] calling me a fan based off of what? What Heavenly says, but Heavenly is the one that invited me on this show. I didn’t even watch the show. I didn’t know anything about the show but you want to call me a fan and whatever because I didn’t give you a reaction when [Quad] walked in at my pamper party. I didn’t give the reaction that you were looking for…and when I didn’t do what [Heavenly] wanted me to do then she was like, ‘you fanned out.’”

Lateasha added,

“Who’s a fan? Who’s the true fan that consistently has my name on their tongues?”

Before ending the livestream Lateasha made it clear that she doesn’t have an issue with Dr. Heavenly’s husband, Dr. Damon Kimes, however, his spouse tried to “start a feud” between her and Quad Webb, and she’ll never be okay with that.

Quad Webb, Dr. Gregory Lunceford

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel