Update: Chilli Is A Grandmother, Son Tron Austin & His Wife Welcome Their First Baby!

Chilli, Tron Austin

Update: Chilli Is A Grandmother, Son Tron Austin & His Wife Welcome Their First Baby!

Update: (Mar. 4, 2024): Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas has added the role of grandmother to her résumé!

Over the weekend, her son Tron Austin, who she shares with record producer Dallas Austin, announced that his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. In a heartfelt post, the first-time parents wrote,

“On this day March 2nd , 2024 at 1:59pm 6.173 LBS/2.8kg an angel from heaven was born our beautiful daughter LUA??) we are officially parents !! So let me tell you guys something, She was scheduled for March 6th on a Wednesday but nope she wanted to come sooner! This morning my wives [SIC] water broke at 7am and we immediately got packed as soon as we could and headed to the hospital which is a hour and thirty minutes drive from where we are btw.”

They continued,

“She went into an emergancy C section [SIC] at 1pm our nerves were high and our anxiety was through the roof but despite all of that she powered through and gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl!! I am so beyond proud of her bravery and courage to do this so off guard we literally expected 3 more days but God always has his plan first ! Eternally grateful to say we have officially started our family! This is a dream come true we started dating on September 22,2018 fast forward almost 6 years later we are married with our first child life’s journey has now truly begun!!!”


Original Story: (Sep. 21, 2023): Congratulations are in order!

TLC’s Chilli and her family are surely happy and celebrating as her only son Tron Austin recently shared that he and his wife will welcome a baby girl early next year.

Yesterday (September 20th), Tron Austin took to social media, uploading a sonogram of his unborn baby along with a heartwarming post dedicated to his wife Jeong Ah Wang Austin, writing:


He continued:

“To my wife I am so proud of you witnessing you going through so much just to get our beautiful baby here I am in awe of your efforts and I am blessed and honored by Jesus himself to begin this journey with you I love you so much you are going to be the best mother EVER ! We came a long way 5 years later we are married and expecting our first child. loyalty goes a long way,”

Tron Austin, Jeong Ah Wang

The 26-year-old musician went on to reveal the intense process his partner endured while they attempted to conceive through IVF and even shared they suffered a miscarriage. He added:

“She went through: 2 HSG procedures, 1 hysteroscopy, removal of both tubes and scar tissue’s from hernia & appendicitis surgeries, 1 egg retrieval, 1 miscarriage And still stayed strong through the whole thing!#IVF has tested us and blessed us through a year and a half journey. We will be the best parents for our little one and we just cannot wait for her to be here.”

Tron’s coming baby marks Chilli’s first go at being a grandmother. The 52-year-old songstress, real name Rozonda Thomas, shares her only child with ex and fellow musician Dallas Austin. Neither has seemed to address their coming grandchild publicly at this time. However, seeing as though Chilli expressed her hopes of expanding her family with boyfriend Matthew Lawrence earlier this year, it seems safe to assume she’s ecstatic about the new addition.

If you recall back in March, the Grammy Award winner and the “Boy Meets World” star made headlines after separately dishing about their plans to have children together just a few months after going public with their relationship. Lawrence, 43, gushed about his new partner and admitted she’s absolutely someone he would like to experience parenthood with. The actor was previously married to dancer/model Cheryl Burke, but the former couple never conceived children together.

Speaking about having a family with Chilli and praising her relationship with Tron, Lawrence previously stated:

“She’s already a mother, she has an incredible son. I respect so much as to how she’s raised him…She’d be an incredible mother again and I’d be incredibly lucky but that’s way in the future.”

Congratulations again to the family!


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Authored by: Kay Johnson