Amber Rose Faces Backlash After Announcing Republican National Convention Speaking Gig

Amber Rose Faces Backlash After Announcing Republican National Convention Speaking Gig

Amber Rose is facing criticism after revealing her upcoming speaking engagement at this year’s Republican National Convention in support of GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

The model and reality TV star made the announcement yesterday (July 8) to her millions of social media followers. She wrote,

“It’s True! I’m speaking at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.”

Earlier that day, former President Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee released details of the convention’s program, noting that it will feature Republican leaders, supporters, industry figures, and pop culture icons, with a focus on celebrating everyday Americans.

Donald Trump

Following Amber Rose’s announcement, social media was flooded with negative reactions:

One X user tweeted,

“When people like Amber do things like this, I think the best route is to ignore them. She wants attention and that’s clear by the MAGA chain she wears around her neck. So let’s be performative just like her and ignore her. It’s really that simple.”

Another X user wrote,

“It’s very bizarre to see how people will say and do any-damn-thing for money and attention. sick. people need to get some character and morals and stand on them…”

See more reactions below:

Amber Rose, 40, known for founding the Los Angeles chapter of the SlutWalk protest march to address women’s equality issues, has become increasingly vocal in her support for Trump in recent months, despite having previously criticized him as a sexual predator.

In a May Instagram photo, Rose posed with Trump and his wife Melania Trump, accompanied by a caption that read,

“Trump 2024”

More recently, she was also seen posing in a white bikini while wearing the infamous red “Make America Great Again” hat.

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan