Kevin Hart Hit w/ $12 Million Lawsuit From Former Friend For Breach of Contract Regarding Comedian’s Sex Tape Scandal


Kevin Hart Hit w/ $12 Million Lawsuit From Former Friend For Breach of Contract Regarding Comedian’s Sex Tape Scandal

Kevin Hart’s past has found its way to the present.

The Central Intelligence star is being sued for breach of contract by his former friend Jonathan “J.T.” Jackson over the wording used during a video post shared online to address his sex tape scandal. According to the lawsuit, despite how it may have seemed, Kevin Hart speaking on the controversy wasn’t spontaneous, and instead, was planned to “publicly exonerate” J.T. Jackson from the entire ordeal. However, Kevin Hart allegedly deviated from the “specific verbiage” he agreed to use, leaving J.T. Jackson’s career and reputation soured.

Kevin Hart, J.T. Jackson

For those in need of a refresher, in 2017, video footage of married Kevin Hart engaging in sexual activities with model Montia Sabbag hit the internet. To make matters worse, Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish, was pregnant when the incident occurred. Reportedly, there was a $5 million extortion attempt from the individual(s) behind the leak, prompting the FBI to get involved.

Kevin Hart

At one point during the investigation, it was believed that Jackson was behind the situation, he was charged with attempted extortion, attempted concealing and selling stolen property, unauthorized use of personal ID and identity theft. However, all charges against him were eventually dropped.

Per the suit, in 2021 the men “meticulously negotiated” a settlement agreement where Hart was contractually obligated to specifically note the charges were dismissed and Jackson was cleared of any involvement. Allegedly, Hart also agreed to say how the scandal cost him“a valuable friendship” with Jackson.

Kevin Hart

Hart, however, seemingly took a more relaxed approach to the statement, leaving out keywords/phrases he allegedly agreed to say. According to Jackson’s lawsuit,

“The wording of Hart’s statement, meticulously negotiated and detailed in the contract, was crucial to repairing and remediating the severe damage inflicted upon plaintiff’s reputation by the baseless extortion allegations that Hart aggressively promoted and publicized.”

The legal document also claims the wording Hart used,

“dilutes this intent by framing the exoneration more as a conclusion to a chapter in Hart’s own life rather than a clear and unequivocal exoneration of plaintiff.”

Jackson is suing for breach of contract, fraud, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He’s seeking at least $12 million in damages. He adds in the suit,

“But it’s been three years since Kevin promised to help clear my name, to no avail. So here we are. Through this lawsuit, I aim to restore my reputation, seek accountability, and ensure that such injustices do not happen to others.”


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel