Jennifer Williams: “I’m not gonna fight you physically, but I will hit you w/ a lawsuit.”

One day after the first episode aired, Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives: Miami, stopped by the Breakfast Club dishing on the drama surrounding her and Evelyn and more. Peep a few excerpts.

On if her last name is still Williams:

“Yes, I’m still married.”

On the reason why she doesn’t fight in general:

“No, I didn’t take karate lessons. I didn’t hafta fight my way through school. I’m not a fighter…Its crazy that all these fights are happening on TV.

On the fight coming up on a future episode, with Evelyn’s assistant:

“When we film in public, there’s like two security. I was looking down like ‘Yeah, right. Whatever.’ I felt like I was in a zoo.”

On if she hates her ex-best friend, Evelyn of ten years:

“No, I don’t hate her. I don’t want to be friends. We don’t hafta be friends, but we dont hafta be enemies…That’s just my personality.”

On the incident involving Evelyn hitting her in the head [it was shown on this season’s teaser]:

“Next thing I know, I feel a tap on my head….I don’t want to be fighting on TV. That’s embarassing. It is humiliating; I’m not gonna fight you phyiscally, but I will hit you with a lawsuit.

On if Evelyn Lozada is a bully:

“She can be [a bully].”

Watch the full interview here.