Mary Mary Opens Up About Show’s Controversy, Workin’ the Pole + Twitter Beef with Braxton Sisters “That’s [Their] Personal Issue”

On Thursday nights the gospel duo, Mary Mary, appear on WeTV, in their self-titled reality show. Already, the show has been seen as a bit controversial, since some may think gospel singers should stay away from the negative images that reality shows tend to portray (not to mention, the women took a pole dancing class in one episode that may have sparked some iffy conversations among traditional church folk). But, in their recent interview with EURweb, Tina and Erica Campbell opened up about their show. They revealed that most of their feedback has been positive, and talked about how fans react to their show, and what we can expect to see next. Plus, they spoke up and gave their opinion on the twitter beef that ensued between Jill Scott and a couple of the Braxton sisters, after Jill professed that the Mary Mary show was a positive reality show, unlike other reality series’. Peep what Tina and Erica had to say.

On if their fans think their reality show is a good idea:

Erica: “I don’t think there was any out and out negativity, but we got a lot of ‘are you sure, are you sure,’ because the only references we have for reality are not really positive, but that was even more of the reason to do it. With us being christian and gospel artists, why wouldn’t we let our lights shine? I read a tweet from a gospel artist today, which said ‘your life is your testimony outside of the 45 minutes that you spend on stage.’ It’s a bigger witness for people to see you in your everyday life…we’ve gotten a lot of love and support [including Donnie, Yolanda and Kirk] and I appreciate it.”

On the episode when they took a pole dancing class:

Erica: “We got interesting feedback about that. We’re diverse in this world that we live in. Some people will agree with Tina 100% and some people agree with me 100%. I don’t think either way anybody was greatly offended. Some feel like it should only be private, I felt like it was fine. I think it was more healthy for conversation, in my opinion, because when it relates to sexuality and christianity, people don’t talk about it, and then you’re supposed to be married and have all this information and all this knowledge and never talk about things and be comfortable with our bodies that God created, the sexuality that God created, so it’s good to explore the conversation. It was a deep way to discuss it, which I’m fine with.”

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What viewers have to look forward to in upcoming episodes:

Tina: “The last show as well as this next show is probably the most vulnerable I have ever been publicly and I can’t believe that I did it, because it’s my real honest to God truth. It’s amazing, during the taping, one of the executive producers was telling me that what I was talking about was actually helping him with a situation with his child and he actually called his kid while I was in the process of what you’ll see on the show. If it helps somebody else … but I’m gonna be so vulnerable on this next show till I’ll probably cringe while watching it.”

On the twitter beef between Jill Scott and the Braxton sisters, based off of the Mary Mary show:

Tina: “We heard things about that, but ultimately, if you take a compliment for someone else as an insult to yourself, that’s a personal issue. It has no bearing on us or the person who gave the compliment. If someone came up to Erica and told her she’s gorgeous, that doesn’t mean I’m ugly. If someone saw something good in someone else’s show, that doesn’t necessarily mean a negative reflection of the other show, that just means they look at our show and relate to it and they have every right to.”

The show has recieved so much positive feedback that it has been taken up for a second season.


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