Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J Explains Having Two Women: “It’s my lifestyle….”

The plot thickens. Over the weekend, Stevie J, of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, spilled the beans…literally. During a phone interview with V-103’s Kenny Burns, Stevie J opened up about everything including his ex-girlfriend Eve’s leaked sex tape, relationships with Mimi and the drama surrounding Joseline. Peep a few excerpts:

On the leak mixed tape that featured his ex-girlfriend, Eve:

“That was the joint I did with Eve that her friend leaked out… I gave it to Eve and her and her friend was watching it on the tour bus, her friend must have felt some kind of way and wanted it for herself”

On letting Joseline disrespect Mimi, on the first episode:

“It’s my lifestyle and I live it how I live it. Everybody got something to say and every man can honestly say they’ve been in a situation. It’s full of ups and downs. I just want the ladies to understand a man in this lifestyle. I love Mimi, thats my baby and I would never let things get too crazy. I let Mimi know that I’ll never be in love with her or be with her (Joseline) but Joseline is my artist and I’m tryna show her how to get this money.”

Click here to listen to the audio. -S. Edmonds