June Ambrose Partners With Coca-Cola for “Style Refresh” + Explains Why Walking In Heels Is A Sport

Recently, we caught up with one of our favorite celebrity stylists, June Ambrose at the Essence Music Festival. June, who has been a staple in the fashion industry for quite some time (she’s styled everybody and their mama and daddy–Jay-Z, Kelly Ripa, Mary J. Blige, etc.) recently took her talents to reality TV, with her own show ‘Styled By June’. And while the first season is over, June continues her work; most recently by giving back via Coca-Cola. During EMF, Coca-Cola launched their “Style Refresh” contest, where two festival attendees received a shopping and styling experience with June Ambrose at Saks. We met with both winners and they shared their personal style, fashion consultation with June and what they had learned thus far. In addition to chatting with the winners, we also asked June how she balances being glamours and maintaining her personal healthy (i.e. How in the hell can she walk in six inch stilletos, without damaging her feet long-term?). She explained:

I’m never going to lie to you, I have a podiatrist on speed dial. You know foot care is like hair care. You have to make those appointments. You have to have your calluses dealt with, also strengthen youre body because in order to wear heels youre body has to be physically inclined. It’s a sport, it truly is. What happens is when you get older the muscles in the knees start to deteriorate. People get knee replacements, but it’s just not going to change. It’s a part of life. But if you start to strengthen you’re body, there are tricks you can do. And that’s what I focus on with my trainer. So talk to you’re trainer and put your podiatrist on speed dial if you want to live in a heel. And have a pair of flats in your bag, don’t have any shame. I do these things with a medicine ball. My weight it shift, I’ve had two epidurals so I’m a little off kilter, so my exercise routine is as prescribed. I don’t like to write prescriptions for things that I’m not an expert in. To each his own when trying to personalize your workout. I leave it up to the experts like my hair and makeup, I let the experts handle it. So if it’s something your concerned about I would defintely talk to a professional to fully understand the orthopedic workout. I do a sports kind of workout like what I basketball player would do, that’s who you would want to talk to.

Check back tomorrow, for the rest of my interview with June.

[Photos: Chris Mitchell CME 3000]