K.Michelle Admits She & NBA Baller JR Smith Broke-Up, But Asks For Forgiveness

Reality star K.Michelle recently had a candid conversation during an interview with Hot 97’s morning show crew. In addition to confirming that season two for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta had already begun filming, the newly signed Warner Brothers artist also spook frankly about her romantic relationship with 27-year-old NBA Baller, JR Harris.

As a backstory, rumor has it that the two began dating early September, but according to K., the two are no longer together and are ‘on the outs’. What happened? At the 9:30 mark, K. honestly explains that she’s a lot to handle and her not-so-pleasant attitude and being an angry black woman may’ve been the cause. She evens goes as far as singing a song to him. Check the full interview below.

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/NRBhJez0yM0[/youtube]