Diamond Confirms She & Soulja Boy Are Officially Over: ‘I learned a lot from him.’

Well, we pretty much saw this coming. Rappers Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Cortez Way) and Diamond (real name Brittany Nicole Carpentero)  have ended their romantic relationship. What were the tell-tell signs? Outside of seeing Soulja tweeting inappropriate photos of him with other women, last December, he and ATL rapper/reality star Lil Scrappy got into a heated twitter beef about Diamond. During their twitter fight, Soulja said some not-so-nice things about Diamond which was a red-flag that these two were on the outs. Not to mention, when we interviewed her, she appeared to be sorta-kinda indifferent about their relationship. Fast forward to the present day and Diamond has confirmed that she and Soulja are officially over.

In an interview with Everything Girls Love she confirmed: 

“Well, I’m single, but the relationship as far as me and him, we’re best friends so I think thats what keeps us so balanced. I learned a lot from him and he learned a lot from me. Our foundation is that we’re really really good friends, he’s a good person.”

Check out Diamond’s full interview here.