Anthony Hamilton Talks Love & Marriage + Why He Wasn’t Disappointed With Grammy Loss

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Grammy award winner Anthony Hamilton was in DC for his Valentine’s day show at Howard Theatre. We caught up with the North Carolina native at a private meet and greet, and chatted with him about the Grammy’s, being married (in such a tempting entertainment industry), plus what he finds most attractive in women. Peep some of the excerpts from our interview.
On what he enjoys most about performing:
“I love the appreciation for what it is that I do. It’s honest, it’s pure, people appreciate and accept it and that’s what I love about it.”
On dealing with the disappointment from not winning a Grammy this year:
“I don’t look at it as disappointment. I look at it as having an amazing run at one time and I will do it again. There are so many things that happen in life that can make you disappointed and if you let it build, it can make you depressed. I don’t have time for that.”
On his favorite part of the Grammy Awards:
“My favorite part of the Grammy’s was Rhianna’s performance. She is just amazing. She is actually one of my favorite artists and I love her album.”
On the most challenging part of creating his album ‘Back to Love’:
“Letting the label have more say on this album was very difficult for me. I have been doing it on my own without any help. It was hard to let go and go with their vision”
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On being humble:
“I believe that you can’t ever be bigger than the source, God. I am about maintaining my Christian  roots and I like being nice to people. I like being positive. When you are positive, you get positive energy back. It feels good to be normal. I like being a normal guy and doing normal things.”
His views on being married and being an entertainer:
“It’s tough. There is a lot of temptation. Women are so beautiful to me. I appreciate them. Any size, shape, color, smell, whatever. I love them. But at the end of the day, I have to maintain my integrity and stay strong in my position as a husband and a man. It’s not easy though. It isn’t easy for anybody. Even pastors will tell you that. But it’s a good fight. Hopefully, I will come out a champion.”
On what he enjoys about being married:
“I like having a team. Someone you can depend on. Someone who knows you when you’re down and when you’re weak without having to tell them about it. It’s a union that is beautiful.”
On what he finds attractive in women:
“I like confidence. I like a woman who knows what she is and isn’t afraid of it. I like them quiet and meek or someone who is outgoing. I like women who have their own identity. That is very attractive to me.”
On what he wants his legacy to be:
“I want to be known as someone who did music to change lives and inspired people to be their better selves. I also want to be known as a good man who could sang, who was a good father and a family man.”
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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta