‘Married to Medicine’s’ Toya Bush Barks Back, Responds to Fight With Mariah Huq: ‘I Was Forced To Defend Myself!’


With only four episodes in, Bravo’s new show, Married to Medicine is causing a buzz. According to Bravo, on Sunday the show brought in 2.6 million viewers and we can’t help but wonder, what’s the truth behind the HUGE ballgown fight scene? Immediately after the episode aired, cast member and co-creator Mariah Huq, took to her blog, writing:

I remember feeling so hurt, ashamed, and disappointed in myself “initially”after the fight. I felt as if I truly let myself, my family, and friends down. How does a grown educated business woman/mother/wife get into a tussle at a black-tie event? The sad truth of the matter is, Toya could not find anything else to criticize, so she decided to hit me way below the belt.

But as you know, there are always THREE sides to every story. Toya has responded painting a different story. In her personal blog post, she suggests that Mariah is being untruthful and deceitful about the entire thing. She wrote:
Mariah’s venomous overreaction to hearsay and gossip from a salon is not only absurd, but also illegal. You can not assault people for what you “think” they might have said. This speaks volumes to Mariah’s character. As professionals we need to hold ourselves in a higher regard than the common street thug that runs rapid within society. Unfortunately, I was forced to defend myself in this situation when I was attacked. She used me. But even more horrific is the abuse of her daughter in his matter. Where will the lies stop? And the Academy Award goes to. . .Mariah, for best liar in a reality show. How dare you? Your fame seeking sickens me and it pains me to see how you will even use your own family as pawns. Even your sister was manipulated. And the statement of Mariah being a friend to me. . .HA! You have no idea what that means. Wanting people around you to stroke your ego is your and Hitler’s version of friendship! No thank you…

Click here to read Toya’s entire post. Our question to you is, who do you believe? And are you #TeamMariah, #TeamToya or are you opting out on this drama?



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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta