[EXCLUSIVE] Reality Stars Tara & Brian Lewis Respond to TLC Canceling ‘The Sisterhood’

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Earlier this year, saints, sinners and reality TV junkies alike were glued to their TVs watching a new non-scripted TLC show, ‘The Sisterhood’. If you’re familiar with the show, then you’re familiar with its concept–to allow viewers inside the lives of women who are married to men who are pastors (current and past). All located in Georgia, the cast included Tara LewisDomonique Scott, Christina Murray, DeLana Rutherford, and Ivy Couch. And from day one, the show was hit with controversy. While some were fans of the show, suggesting that it gave viewers a realistic look into the lives of the women married to church leaders, others weren’t sold. A petition hit, urging the network to remove the show ASAP. Long story short, the entire season aired, with folks wondering if another season was on the horizon.

Last week, rumors began swirling that the show would be canceled, without returning for season 2. And this week, those rumors were addressed. According to AlwaysAList.com, the show is cancelled and ‘absolutely won’t be back.’ What’s more? After the news hit, we chatted with two of the break-out stars of the show Pastor Tara and Dr. Brian Lewis (their full interview will go up this week), about the cancelation. Peep our exclusive conversation below.


the Jasmine Brand: The last time that we chatted, I think you and your husband were under the impression that perhaps a second season was in the works. Were you surprised to hear that the show had been cancelled? 

Pastor Tara: No, I wasn’t surprised, but I remained hopeful that it would be renewed for a second season. We remained hopeful, because we know that so many people supported mine and Brian’s standard on the show and were encouraged by our relationship with each other. We believe that it is important in the world or reality television that people have positive uplifting examples to draw inspiration from.

the Jasmine Brand: Why do you think the show was cancelled? We’ve heard everything from ratings to it being too controversial w/in the religious communities. What are your thoughts? 

Dr. Brian: There are so many factors that contributed to the cancellation of the show, but ultimately it was the cast members themselves that caused our core viewers, Christians, to be grieved by their conduct and turned-off and disinterested in the show. The premiere episode one was so way off base for those professing to be Christians and the sensationalized sexual content so blatant, the arguments so tense and the doctrinal differences so outlandish that it made people feel so uncomfortable that the show immediately lost 300,000 viewers and it undermined this phenomenal opportunity we had to witness His light in darkness. The bickering, pettiness, gossiping, backbiting, insolence and cliquiness of three of the ladies violated the one law that identifies true Christians.

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the Jasmine Brand: Have you spoken to any of the other cast members about it being cancelled? What’s their response been like? 

Pastor Tara: No, I have not. They haven’t contacted me either. I did recently reach out two of the cast members via text message that I had issue with to bring peace as God commands us to do as sisters. The other one I had issue with, I do not have her number anymore; otherwise, I would have contacted her too. I believe in being merciful and walking in forgiveness. I also believe that God specializes in giving people second chances and I had hoped that the cast would have a second chance to represent Christ to the world.

the Jasmine Brand: We talked about this in our interview, but do you’ll have any other TV or reality TV plans underway?

Dr. Brian: So many people want to see us have our own show. So the answer to your question is “Yes!” We have developed a pitch for our own reality docuseries featuring Tara and I, as well as, daily talk show pitch. We plan to pitch the docuseries to the production companies and the top reality based networks and are confident that this will not be the last that you see of Brian and Tara Lewis in reality. We also have our weekly television broadcast Phenomenal Life Today, which airs locally here in Atlanta and is featured on Magic Johnson’s Aspire TV Network and we are in discussions to go on The Impact Network, the first and only African American owned global Christian television network. Tara and I still be in the call on our lives to use television to impact the world for Christ.

What are your thoughts on the cancellation–was it too controversial for the Christian sector? Or was it a realistic perspective on what really goes on behind the scenes of first ladys and their respective families? 

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta