‘The Game’ Star Katlynn Simone Talks Working With Brandy, New Music + What’s Next



Katlynn Simone is a quadruple threat–singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. You may know the 17-year-old Houston native from her current role as Brittany Pitts on the hit TV show BET’s “The Game,” or from her new hit single “Let Me Go.”

TheJasmineBrand had a chance to speak with Katlynn and find out a bit about her career and why the world should take notice. She also dished on how it feels working with Brandy and how Beyoncé inspires her. Simone also shared details about her upcoming EP, tour staying in touch with her fans. Peep the interview below:

What to expect from her character Brittany Pitts this season:

Well, I can’t give away to much but for sure one thing you can expect from Brittany is a lot of brattiness, a lot of rebelling, of course drama between her and her new step mom.  You are going to see the relationship between Brittany and her dad grow. They are going to get closer. Also you are going to see Brittany and Chardonnay kind of find their place together.


Working with Brandy on “The Game”:

It was amazing working with Brandy because I grew up watching her and listening to her music. It’s awesome to get to work with someone you looked up to as a little kid.

Possibly musical collaboration with Brandy:

I would love to do music with Brandy but right now we’re not planning on doing anything so far. Maybe one day in the future. Who knows, I’ll bring that up to her next time I see her.

On having a soulful sound:

I grew up listening to a lot of old school soul ever since I came out the womb. I spent a lot of time with my Grandparents and that’s all I would listen to, days and days of jazz and R & B.

I like to incorporate all kinds of influences. I have family that lives in Hawaii and I love their music over there. Like I said, jazz, R&B, of course I’m from Houston, TX; I have a huge Hip-Hop influence. I like to put all of that into my music but for sure that R&B/ Jazz feel will always be in me and in my music.



On album production:

Right now I’m working on my EP and my main producer is Cedric “Dabenchwarma.” He works in Houston, that’s where I’m from and that’s where I’m putting my show and all of my music together. He’s worked with Tyrese, he’s a Grammy nominated producer, and one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with.

How Beyoncé being an inspires her:

When people even put my name and Beyoncé’s name in the same sentence I feel like that’s a huge honor. No one can be Beyoncé; she’s got that handled. I would love to soon be looked at as someone who has come out of Houston just as great or inspiring as Beyoncé. I’ve always looked at her as an inspiration because we come from the same town, the same place and I feel that it is possible to come out of Houston and make it to the top.

Her Musical influences:

Right now I am really feeling Justin Timberlake because of his transition from music to acting and that’s a huge deal and something I want to do. As far as purely music, I am in love with the older stuff like Billie Holiday, Etta James. I love Alicia Keys of course, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Usher. There are a lot of musical influences I like but those are probably my top ones.

Who she would like to tour with: 

That’s a hard question. I am younger; I’m only 17 so I would probably look at some people around my age. I love Ariana Grande, she’s a little older then me but I feel like she’s very talented and that would be pretty cool. If I could pick a rapper, I would pick maybe Drake, I love Drake. As well as Kirko Bangz cause he’s from Houston. That would be pretty cool to be on tour with him as well.

On the success of her single “Let Me Go”:

It’s surprisingly doing very well. I’ve gotten nothing but great feedback. A lot of people that I didn’t even know knew about me have come out and shown support. Nothing but great things has happened. I have really great fans that have done most of my publicity and I love them for it. I am very appreciative.


On Video for “Let Me Go”

I have a contest going on right now where anyone can download my song and send me a video of them dancing to “Let Me Go.” I will pick a winner on June 2nd. Whoever has the best creative choreography will hopefully be in my video. I am waiting for that to happen before I make the video.

Staying in touch with fans:

My fans are very supportive so I try to stay in-touch with all of my fans personally and give back so that they know that I see them and am not taking them for granted.

What we can expect from the album:

You can expect a lot of truthful stories. Anything I sing about I’ve kind of been through or witnessed. You will feel the pain or happiness of whatever I am singing about, it’s going to be truthful. I feel people will really connect with the music. That is one of the strong points right now.

What she enjoys doing outside of acting and singing:

I really love to cook. I know that may sound weird but I’m always trying to cook different things, I think it runs in the family. That or swimming, I really enjoy the beach. I probably spend most of my money on bathing suits.

On what to expect from her this year:

I’m concentrating on “The Game” right now and when that is wrapped I will be looking forward to doing more things out here in the LA area but nothing is concrete. Other than that I am going on tour in the California area, so if anyone is in the California this coming month and in June and July, stay in touch with my site for tour dates. Then eventually I will be moving the tour to Houston.


Listen her to single, ‘Let Me Go’ below.


For more Katlynn Simone visit  @katlynnsimone and check out her website katlynnsimoneworld.com.