D.Wade’s Ex-Wife Denies Getting $1Million In Spousal Support: ‘He Won’t Even Let Me See My Sons!’

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I’ll be honest. I almost forgot that for the past few years, a heated legal battle continues to brew between NBA baller, Dwyane Wade and his ex wife, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade. Not to mention that D.Wade’s girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, has been entangled at times, in this unfortunate situation. And if you’re wondering what’s the latest with Siohvaughn’s sticky situation, between her ex and two children, you’re in luck. In a recent interview with Jock And Stiletto Jill, she talks about spousal support, if she actually has a job and if she’s still in love with D.Wade.  Peep a few excerpts.

Jill: Is there a discrepancy between what you are receiving from Dwyane each month as part of your divorce settlement and what has been reported? There were reports of you’re receiving $1 million plus $25K a month in spousal support.

SFW: There has been no settlement PERIOD. Not even close to the $25k a month reported either. As a matter of fact, Mr. Wade is frequently late on the items he is supposed to pay for. I’ve recently received a noticed about the mortgage on my Chicago home being behind $75,000 and my car insurance has been canceled.

Jill: Ok, so why aren’t you working?

SFW: I’m currently in law school, the course doesn’t really allow for me to have a full time job.

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Jill: Do you think there is a way that you and Dwyane can come together and co-parent without being so reliant on courts and lawyers? If yes, what are those steps in your mind? If he retains custody, would you consider moving back to Miami to be closer to your sons?

SFW: Move to Miami for what? He won’t let me see my sons now so there’s no reason to believe he would if i was in Miami full time. And it’s reached a point now where my oldest son doesn’t want to visit at all. My youngest has been told I don’t want to see them. The other day he got on the phone with me and said he was told that I didn’t want to come see him. I have finals, I’m trying to grow as a person. Mr. Wade is vindictive and he’s trying to turn my sons against me. I paid out of my own pocket for a mediator to try to resolve the issues. The session was set and Mr. Wade just didn’t show up. No excuse, no call. I’ve made the effort.

Jill: What happened with all your lawyers? 

SFW: I can’t really go into details about that right now. But I will say that when you aren’t the one paying the bill, things can get interesting.

Jill: How accountable do you hold yourself in the demise of your marriage?

SFW: I’m honest about the mistakes I’ve made in the past.

Jill: Are you still in love with Dwyane.

SFW: I’ve moved on in my life. I’m not interested in talking about love or anything like that.

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Jill: With Gabrielle Union being a seemingly permanent fixture in Dwyane’s life. Do you see a time that you two could be friendly or develop some sort of relationship since she plays a role in your son’s lives?

SFW: I’m not answering any question on Ms. Union.

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