[New Music] Kelly Rowland Sings About Being Battered By Boyfriend & Being Conflicted About Beyonce’s Success In ‘Dirty Laundry’

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Kelly Rowland is brutally honest on her latest track, ‘Dirty Laundry‘. On the track, she opens about being conflicted about Beyonce’s success, noting that while her friend was ‘killing it on stage‘, watching her top the charts was bitter sweet. Singing:

While my sister was on stage

killin’ like a mother

I was enraged feelin’ it like a mother

bird in the cage, you would never know what i was dealin’ w/

went our separete ways but I was happy she was killin’ it

bitter sweet, she was up i was down

no lie i feel good for her, but what do i do now?

The song, which will be featured on her upcoming album, Talk A Good Game, also unveils that she was in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, singing:

Meanwhile this n*gga puttin’ his hands on me

swear y’all dont know the half of this industry

let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry

let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry

She continued:

started to call them people on him, I was battered

he pulled me out–don’t nobody love you but me, not yo mama, not ya daddy and especially not Bey

he turned me against my sister, i missed her

Listen to the radio ripped track, compliments of ‘The Breakfast Club’ below:
Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry [Radio Rip]

Here’s the clean version:

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 7.21.08 AM