[Photo] Evelyn Lozada Bounces Back from Embarrassing Domestic Violence Photo, Hams It Up At Bronx Zoo

d-b-evelyn lozada-bronx zoo 2013-the jasmine brand

One unflattering photo don’t stop no show!

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I’ll be the first to say, I usually keep my two cents to myself, trying to remain as objective as I can. In most cases, celebrity stuff isn’t that deep–usually a quick laugh, harmless gossip and entertaining randomness doesn’t get me heated around these parts. But when a photo of Evelyn Lozada, post domestic violence incident, hit the ‘internet streets’ I was kinda-sorta surprised.I wasn’t surprised so much as to our friends over at TMZ sharing it–it’s their job. But I was surprised at so many bloggers and sites following suit. More alarming that folk downplayed what they saw because:

Rihanna’s post battered photo looked wayyyyyyyy worse.’


‘That’s nothing compared to others that we’ve seen.’

Regardless of how we feel about said photo hitting the ‘net, the Basketball Wives star seems to be doing a-okay. Over the weekend, we caught her visiting her native New York, hitting the Bronx zoo with the fam and a fan she met along with the way. Peep a few pix.

b-evelyn lozada-bronx zoo 2013-the jasmine brand

evelyn lozada-bronx zoo 2013-the jasmine brand