Nelson Mandela On Life Support

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This week, things turned for the worst for Nelson Mandela. Wednesday evening, CBS confirmed that the former South African president is on life support. On Sunday, President Jacob Zuma said the 94-year-old former leader is

well-looked after and is comfortable

but the South African government has been relatively tight-lipped regarding Mandela’s health status. Reportedly, since that statement, Mandela’s condition has worsened. Well-wishers and supporters continued Wednesday to gather outside of the Pretoria hospital where the former South African president has been receiving treatment for nearly three weeks and the South African president canceled a Thursday trip amid worry about his health. Family members were observed inspecting a burial site in the area and CBS sources told Patta the meeting was called to resolve a bitter family feud over the removal of graves of other relatives from the site by Mandela’s grandson.

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The sense of anticipation and foreboding about Mandela’s fate has grown since late Sunday, when the South African government declared that the condition of the statesman had deteriorated. No further confirmed reports have yet been released.