Anna Wintour Snatches Miley Cyrus Off Vogue Cover For An Excessive Amount of Booty Poppin’

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What a difference a performance can make. Former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has twerked her way off a coveted Vogue Magazine cover, literally. According to reports, Vogue’s editor-in-chief-Anna Wintour  yanked the 20-year-old star from the December issue due to her VMA’s performance last month. If you remember (who can forget) Cyrus performed a medley with ‘Blurred Lines’ singer Robin Thicke wearing a flesh colored latex bra and shorts paired with non stop twerking. Sources explained:

Anna found the whole thing distasteful. She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction.’

Cyrus, who was unapologetic about her performance recently stated,

You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didn’t even think about it ’cause that’s just me.I don’t pay attention to the negative because I’ve seen this play out so many times. How many times have we seen this play out in pop music? Madonna’s done it, Britney’s done it … Anyone that performs that’s what you’re looking for, you’re wanting to make history. Me and Robin [Thicke,] the whole time said, ‘You know we’re about to make history right now.’

A Vogue spokesperson stated that they:

don’t comment on rumors about future editorial content.

If the rumors are true, do you agree with Anna’s decision to snatch Miley?

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