[EXCLUSIVE] Tamar Braxton Says She’s Been Waiting On This Moment Forever, Comments on K. Michelle’s Olive Branch

Tamar heads to VH1 for Twitter Chat

In the midst of a whirlwind of her ‘Love & War’ promotion, we chatted with reality star/singer, Tamar Braxton. The 36-year-old new mommy opened up her insane grind these days (‘The Real’, touring with John Legend, etc.), the excitement surrounding her new project and the non-ending beef with K.Michelle. Listen to the full interview below.

So, ‘Love and War’ – congratulations – it’s already been called by some people the best R&B album of 2013. So looking back, what do you think was the most challenging – whether it was like emotionally-drained, vocally…?

The most challenging thing putting this album together is not getting caught up in my voice, and making sure that I was in love with every single song because it was a smash record. And that was purposely done because you know, I never thought that I would have this opportunity again so I looked at it as I’m on death row and this is my last supper, and I want to make this album everything I can possibly make it.

We know that Lady Gaga is obviously a friend of the family. Does she have a favorite song?

I don’t know. You know yesterday, when she called me, I didn’t talk to her because I was on an interview. And so today, when I called her, she couldn’t talk to me because she’s her boss. We’re two busy boss-bitches.

Moving on, when can we expect a decision on of ‘The Real’ has been picked up? Can we expect a decision soon? We want to know!

I’m expecting a decision soon. Ultimately everybody else got their decision, my answer’s.

Tamar on the street

So you just don’t know yet?

I don’t know yet but you know, I actually really do enjoy ‘The Real’ because on ‘Tamar & Vince’ you see me as Vincent’s wife, on ‘The Braxtons’ you see me as the youngest Braxton sister. And on ‘The Real’, I think you get a really good glimpse of Tamar – the real girl-friend. You know what I mean? And so I really enjoy that show because I love all those girls – they’re so great and I just hope it gets picked up because I can’t wait to see it…

I have to ask you about the K. Michelle situation.

I don’t know who that is.

I saw that she recently kind of showed you so much love on Instagram.

I didn’t see that.

No love?

I don’t know. I don’t follow anyone on Twitter and then the person has been blocked from my Twitter for two years so I don’t know how they figured I keep talking about them – I don’t want to talk about this.

Fans stop Tamar for a cell phone pic

Moving on, so coming up in the fall, you have a tour with John Legend and you’re in all these shows; do you relax? How do you manage?

You know, this is not a relaxation moment. This is a chance of a lifetime – a lottery moment. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for forever. Like I’ve said before – five record deals and everybody gave up on me and so for me to want to slow down and have the audacity really to tell God, “Oh, I’m tired!”

Perfect. So lastly but not least, my favorite song ‘All The Way Home’, was it hard for you to emotionally put all of your stuff out there?

No! Let me tell you why – because ‘All The Way Home’ is a record from Vincent’s perspective because I’m the girl who likes – not like to argue – but I like to argue until I get the situation handled. And this is the guy who likes to walk away from the situation and then come back to it. So the song is being sung like you know – he’s left the house – well, me, but it’s really him – I left the house and I’m driving but I realised the situation is not that serious which confusedly isn’t; and so now I’m speeding down like a damn fool to pour by myself, when I’m thinking about you, when I really need to be at home! So that’s what the song is about.

Vince Herbert with son Logan backstage at 'Live with Kelly & Michael'