Petition Launched Against Famed Celebrity Photographer Terry Richardson For Alleged Sexual Abuse

Terry Richardson

You may not know his name, but you definitely know his work. Famed celebrity photographer Terry Richardson has worked with everyone from Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Lena Dunham to ASAP Rocky. He also directed Miley Cyrus’ controversial video ‘Wrecking Ball’ (you know, the video where she is naked throughout?). Now, the photog may be in some controversy himself. Last week, a petition was launched against Richardson, calling for companies to cut ties with him because of recent and past allegations of sexual abuse. The petition titled,’Big Brands: Stop Using Alleged Sex Offender Terry Richardson As Your Photographer‘ calls out H&M, Mango and Vogue Magazine  and other brands for consistently working with him. The petition states:

More awareness needs to be brought to light that Terry Richardson is negatively influencing media  with his supposed exploit & abuse of certain models, mainstream degrading pornographic imagery, and inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. His contribution to society has a bad impact as he is being exposed to the masses with the impression of being well received while there are potentially unethical practices not being shown. Allegations and complaints have been publicised from the likes of Coco Rocha, Jamie Peck  and Danish Supermodel Rie Rasmussen against Richardson. WHY if we are aware of these allegations are big companies STILL using Terry Richardson as a photographer and still giving him positive press if he is an ALLEDGED sex offender? These allegations need to be looked at more closely and the appropriate justice recieved. They should not be ignored. By continuing to employ him for editorial fashion shoots, or to run advertising campaigns shot by him is to CONDONE his behaviour.

Terry Richardson-Miley Cyrus-ASAP Rocky-The Jasmine Brand

Some industry insiders are in full support of the petition. Fashion and luxury reporter, Elizabath Paton of Financial Times explained,

The reality is, until editors stop using him for covers, until Hollywood stars stop picking him as a photographer or a videographer for their shoots, he’ll stay the way [he is].

So far, over 7,500 individuals have signed the petition and only retailer H&M has commented,

If these accusations are true, it’s totally unacceptable to us. Currently we’re not working with Terry Richardson.

Richardson has yet to comment.

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