[WATCH] Katy Perry’s New Video for “Dark Horse” ft Juicy J.

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Since the 56th Annual Grammy AwardsKaty Perry or shall I say… ‘Katy-Patra’ , seems to still be in search for her prince charming.

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With her debut video for her Billboard No.1 hit “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J, she is letting all the men think twice before they ‘play with magic?’. In contrast from her performance just a few weeks ago at the Grammy’s, shes taken in to the mystical Egyptian mythology, but with beauty and a bite.

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Juicy J adding his flare of street edge to this under-toned pop song coupled with a video that has a carriage on hydrolics, puppies, and nice looking men makes this video quite entertaining.  For her video promo, she allowed her fans (only ios users though) to be a Queen for a day too with a “selfie” editor app called DarkHorseCam.

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Check out a fan made picture of her and her beau John Meyer she rewteeted:

Katy ensures that parts of her personality are incorporated in the video, adding flaming Hot Cheetos, twinkies and stripper poles into the mix. Now that you’ve gotten a little more info about this very fantasy-like  story we all remember as kids, check out the treatment below:

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