Thug Life: Darren Sharper Faces Serious Jail Time Over Rape Allegations

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Shock and surprise are words to describe the allegations against former NFL baller Darren Sharper. The 38-year-old who won a Superbowl ring with the New Orleans Saints (and use to date actress Gabrielle Union), allegedly admitted to a witnesses that he and friend, Erik Nunez, had non consensual sex with two New Orleans women last September. He is also wanted in four other states for possible connection to at least nine other cases.

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Sharper, who had been working as an analyst with the NFL Network, was officially fired last week and has been in jail after surrendering to police after an arrest warrant was issued in Louisiana for his arrest. Sporting News reports:

Named in a rape case warrant in New Orleans. Efforts are under way to extradite him to Louisiana. He pleaded not guilty to rape charges in Los Angeles in February. Police in Florida, Nevada and Arizona want him in their investigations in sexual assault cases.

Two of the alleged assaults occurred within a day in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, reports say. He faces seven felony counts in Los Angeles, including two counts of rape by use of drugs in connection with incidents in October and January. Police in Tempe, Ariz., Las Vegas and Tampa, Fla., are investigating Sharper’s connection to drugging and sexually assaulting females.

In an official document secured by TMZ,

Through further investigation by the detectives it was learned that Nunez and Sharper admitted to other known witnesses that he and Sharper had vaginal and/or oral sex with victims #1 and #2 without their knowledge or permission.

The report also states,

[The victims] impaired by the substance to the degree that both do not recall the entirety of the sexual intercourse.

The victims all tell a similar story of meeting Sharper, drinking a beverage provided by him and waking up with him in boxers or completely nude with no recollection of the events.

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He had previously posted $1 million bail on the conditions that he had to stay in Los Angeles, couldn’t go to nightclubs and couldn’t be alone with any woman he did not know prior to October 30, the date of the first alleged incident. His attorney’s are fighting for his bail to be reinstated because he didn’t violate the terms further explaining,

This appears to be an attempt to detain Mr. Sharper indefinitely and unconstitutionally without bail. 

And last month commented,

All of these were consensual contact between Mr. Sharper and women who wanted to be in his company.

Sharper retired from the NFL in 2010. Initially, he was suspended by the NFL Network in January on unrelated drug charges.  To date, he has only been officially charged for one incident and pleaded not guilty. If convicted in the California case, Sharper could face more than 30 years in state prison Also, if convicted of aggravated rape in Louisiana, both Sharper and Nunez could face life imprisonment.

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