Chipotle Says They Never Received Frank Ocean’s ‘F**k Off’ Check

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Frank Ocean has found himself in the middle of a lawsuit with Chipotle and it seems to come down to a war on pride.

Last week, TMZ reported that the mexican food chain was suing the Channel Orange singer for backing out of their commercial. They paid him an advance of 212.5k to remake the song “Pure Imagination” however, he was displeased that they refused to remove their logo at the end of their ad so he bailed. 

According to a rep from Frank’s camp, he was allotted final say of the ad yet they refused to follow his orders; this is where the plot thickens. According to numerous reports, Frank responded by writing a check to the company for the exact amount of his advance (which is what they were asking) but wrote “F*CK OFF” literally one line of the check. And while a picture of the intended check floats around the internet, a Chipotle rep claims:

We’ve seen the photo, but haven’t received a check.

Frank Ocean Chipotle

So where is the check? The company rep told the paparrazi-heavy website that despite not receiving the check their glad he ponied up. Stay tuned for updates on this food vs. man dilemma.

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