50 Cent Explains Why He Confronted Steve Stoute

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If anything, 50 Cent has never been one to hold his tongue. Earlier this month, the 38-years Queens native (born Curtis Jackson) was involved in a heated exchange with record label exec Steve Stoute at a New York Knicks basketball game. The pair have had a long standing beef from the early 2000’s that was reignited when Stoute visited the Angie Martinez Show while promoting his ‘Tanning of America’ series. In short, Steve said that while he does well in business, his musical career is over. He said:

He hasn’t had a hit in a really long time. He has not made anything musically that changed  anything in a really long time. Hopefully now that he’s independent and there’s no record company to blame, his aggressive content can now get on the air, I feel like he’s always gearing up to something that never happened.

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Naturally, 50 Cent caught wind of his comments and the pair engaged in a shouting match at a basketball game the following week. Recently, 50 Cent spoke to MTV’s ‘Rap Fix‘ about the exchange downplaying what happened. He explained:

I said, ‘That wasn’t very nice of you, Steve. To say what you said wasn’t really nice, and I think you should apologize. Nah, I said it a little different.

He also discussed a meeting the pair had after 50 Cent was shot and explaining,

Me and Steve had the opportunity to meet with each other; he was running Interscope at the time. When I tried to play him the music, he was like, ‘Oh no, I already know what you can do, I already know what you can do. Remember, I signed you the first time?’ And he wasn’t lying he gave me the deal the first time. And I never got a chance to play the music so the whole meeting was to talk about what he thought transpired. So it was conformation of what he had thought or what he had heard. I was never able to get him on the phone again after that.

Adding Stoute advised him against signing with Eminem,

Don’t do the deal with the white boy. At the time, Em was doing [‘Purple Pills’ with D12], so he’s thinking [Eminem’s] a joke. Of course, I did the deal with the white boy because Em is the only one that showed interest in me. He’s my favorite white boy.

50 Cent is currently promoting his newest album, ‘Animal Ambition’ in stores June 3rd.

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