[VIDEO] Kyla Pratt Explains Not Feeling Pressured To Marry Her Children’s Father

Kyla Pratt on Hot97 Everybody remembers Kyla Pratt’s infectious smile and her dynamic persona from her early acting days on Dr. Dolittle and One on One. Much years later the very grown actress has elevated her growing career with Let’s Stay Together, and privately started a family of her own. She stopped by Hot 97 to chat with their morning show about the fourth season of her BET sitcom, however the hosts had more interest in her love life. Very open and giggly, the mother of two talks why she’s not married and whether sexting would make her stay or leave her man. Read the rest of her interview below.

Kyla Pratt on Hoy97

Hot 97: Mrs. or Ms. Pratt, are you married?


Hot 97: Is there marriage luming in the future?

Yes, it’s luming.

Hot 97: Is your family pressuring you?

Oh no, family’s cool as long as we keep our communication open, we’re good raising our kids. As long as me and him are good that’s all that matters….Marriage is a lot of pressure.

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Hot97: But you guys have kids and you’re already committed to raise your kids.

With your kids no matter what we’re going to make things happen because no matter what I want to make sure my babies have everything that’s perfect. I don’t want to rush into a marriage and people are like ‘oh you need to be married’ and the next thing you know we rush into something and now we’re getting divorced.

Hot 97: [on her boyfriend] How long have you guys been together?

Almost 6 years.

Hot 97: Are there scenarios on this comedy that maybe built on some of the stuff you guys have been through?

Everybody can relate to this because its simple things that happen in every relationship. You argue about like ‘who is somebody texting’ or why is somebody texting your girl, or ‘why is somebody calling you late’ or ‘should we get joint accounts’. You know I feel like everybody can relate to because it’s like something everybody goes through.

Hot 97: How do you feel about your man sexting someone else?

Oh hell nah. Absolutely not. If I see it we’re going to have a problem, he knows I’m crazy and I know he’s crazy. You guys thought that was okay?

Kyla Pratt on Hot 97

Hot 97: I’m cool if I’m sexting, its not cool if she’s sexting? And if I caught her sexting I probably wouldn’t leave her especially if you guys been together for 6 years with 2 kids.

I understand that but as far as you having dirty talk with somebody else and I see it and find out about it, I’m going to be upset and wondering what the hell else your doing. Its going to challenge the trust in our relationship. Of course I’m going to stay here and fight for my family but I’m not going to be unhappy for years because I’m trying to worry about where you going and you texting hoes.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta