[VIDEO] Draya Michele Says She’s Embarrassed About Physical Fight With Sundy Carter

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If you’ve watched this season of Basketball Wives LA, chances are you’ve peeped the trailer that includes an explosive brawl. Break-out star Draya Michele and newbie Sundy Carter have come to blows and thankfully, the VH1 cameras were present to monopolize on the reality TV beef.
Earlier this month, footage leaked, showing the two having a yelling match of sorts at a GRAMMYs event. While the audio wasn’t clear on what they were saying, it was apparent that both women were argument.
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During an interview with The Insider’s Nina Parker, Draya says that their verbal spat was about Sundy constantly discussing her in interviews. She says:
This Sundy girl. The way that she talks about me in her interviews, as if she has a real problem with me so I just had to ask her like, ‘What is wrong with you? Did I steal your boyfriend in high school? I couldn’t have because you’re 40. Like I wasn’t born yet when you were in high school.’ So, it’s like arguing with just like a dummy.
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Thankfully, their argument didn’t end in blows, but on an upcoming episode, fists actually fly as Draya is seen leaping over a couch to attack her cast mate, Sundy. Draya says she’s not really proud of the fight, explaining:
I needed to have that moment. Unfortunately, I’m very embarrassed of my actions because that’s not me. I’m not a fighter, I’m not even an arguer.
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And as a source of all of the anger that she and Sundy, along with Jackie Christie have with her? The 29-year-old says that they’re simply intimidated.
You know what? I think that all of them were intimidated. I couldn’t believe that they were bold enough to go against me.
She adds:
They should just give me my own show. It’s all about me. I think that the audience wants to get more of Draya.
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In addition to throwing verbal and physical jabs on VH1, Draya has plans to hit the big screen. After making a cameo on BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, she admits that she’s ready to venture into acting:
I’m like come one Tyler Perry. Find me.
Watch her full The Insider interview.
Check a teaser of an upcoming episode.
P.S. Are you interested in Draya having her own show? 

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