[VIDEO] Coco Dodges Reports of Cheating On Ice T: We don’t read the blogs.

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Coco and Ice-T are a bit of an anomaly. In an industry where couples struggle to make the one year mark and divorces are rampant, the pair have been married almost 14 years. Model and entrepreneur Coco (real name Nicole Natalie Marrow) stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to talk her new line of pleasure products, her infamous backside, and how she and Ice-T keep their relationship so tight and make their marriage work. While she was transparent on business and what fans saw on TV, she remained tight-lipped on rumors that she cheated on Ice with Oakland-based rapper, ‘Bishop AP.9 Shakur’, in 2012.

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When asked about how they made it through said incidents and reports, Coco responded:

What we like to do is talk it out. We don’t care about the world. We don’t read the blogs, we don’t go to the websites. We don’t care about that negativity. We have a little bubble and we live in that bubble and we talk to each other. We communicate and we don’t let any outside world come inside that bubble and its worked.

Anywho, check out a few more excerpts below.

Ice-T helping her design new line of sex toys:

Ice [T] and I had a lot of research. We had a lot of homework involved. Everything that I designed, we designed together….It was really fun to test things out and pick out colors. My line is very glitzy and colorful. It’s very pink. It’s the only pink you will see in the world.

On her famous backside and proving that it’s real: 

The ass is real. My boobs are enhanced. I’ve been an open book….I went on ‘The Doctors’ and they x-rayed it. I don’t even need to anymore [prove that it’s real]. I put it out there, I’ve done it so many different times, different ways to prove that it’s real.

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Why Ice-T is so secure with her being very free: 

He’s a rock star. Think about it, I’m not married to a president. I’m not married to a conservative person. He’s crazy too. You have to look at it like we’re kinda a crazy couple.

How long she plans to continue being an exhibitionist and modeling: 

I have toned a lot I feel..I just turned 35 and I can’t believe I’ve been modeling for 17 years, 10,000 pictures later…I’m still in the game. I think I have a good body compared to the twenty year olds, so why not go as long as I can go..

Planning to have a baby next year: 

I’m really excited cause everything is a checklist. I got all these things going, then baby.

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Rumors that Ice-T shut down their reality show: 

No. The thing is we did it for three years and we were trying to move on to the next thing. You can’t do a reality show forever. You can do it. It starts becoming fake after awhile. We’re working another TV show so we’re excited. We’re on a roll right now, you gotta get it while you can.

If the reality show put a strain on their marriage: 

Everybody likes to give their own opinion about you. ‘Ice Loves Coco’ showed me in a different light. People saw me as a model before but they didn’t see me as a wife and thats what I really wanted to do it for. Ice didn’t wanted to the show for himself, he wanted to do it for me because I got so much negativity from the past…People see me out in the club and that’s once in a blue moon.

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Being bothered by the public’s original perception of her: 

Everybody saw me as like fake ass. Thats what I was known for. I’m so compassionate and I have a big family side. My dogs, my mom, my dad, my honey. I just dedicate my while life to Ice…People knock me for the sexy pictures, but I made money. If you could do it..I guarantee you if you worked hard on your body and someone paid you money to look cute in a picture I’m sure you would do it.

Peep the full interview below.

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