[EXCLUSIVE] RHOA Executive Producer Carlos King Speaks Out On Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams Reunion Brawl

another moment where they’re going to have an intense conversation and there may be some, you know finger pointing. Never did we think it would get to where it has gotten. And again, I think everybody is again disappointed. Because no one signed up for that show to be physical with each other, you know. And again, it was a situation where we all looked back and just said, ‘Okay, why did this happen’?

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He continued:

You know, I can’t speak to much on it because it hasn’t aired just yet but there’s a lot of twist and turn[s] in this reunion show that–you get to see everyone’s level of understanding, as to why things escalate the way they escalate. And for me, it was an opportunity to have the girls discuss why things happen the way it happened and it was a great conversation with these five black women, as to who they are, what they represent and why things turn out the way they do when someone feels like they’re up against the wall.

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