[Watch] Po Johnson On Being A Lesbian, A Preachers Kid & Offering To Be Lala’s Sex Slave


With 4 seasons in and the 5th approaching us, viewers seem to be falling more in love w/ TV personality and host, Po Johnson. Most of us were introduced to her in VH1’s show La La’s full Court Life, as Lala’s best friend but she is definitely more than just that a ‘side kick’. Often seen on the show hustling for some income and pursuing music, she is now moving forward to bigger and better (i.e. hosting and producing shows for major networks like BET and MTV).

This week, Po took her talents to Hot 97’s  Morning Show, chatting about her sexuality, childhood growing up as a preachers daughter, and relationship with LaLa.

Check out a few excerpts below:

On Losing her V-Card:

I wasn’t promiscuous but I let it go pretty early. I let it flow very early, I was 16 when I got smashed. It was cool, it was cool, but I like p***y.

On Being a Lesbian:

Don’t get me twisted, I’m a lesbian but I have had my fair share of the ‘D’ and I think it’s a myth when women be like “I just want a big,  monster, monkey D” and this guy was like this big and we were  really cool, we were hanging out, then he pulled it out and I was like ‘It’s not gonna’ happen.’ I’m all about exploring your sexuality and everything like that but I have nothing to prove when it comes to sucking d**k and I’m not about to break my jaw because at the time I didn’t have insurance so no, I’m not sucking your d**k and we’re not f*****g.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta