[Watch] Po Johnson On Being A Lesbian, A Preachers Kid & Offering To Be Lala’s Sex Slave


On her relationship with La La:

I met La when I was in college, we had a mutual best friend and then I moved out to NY to pursue music, television, and everything like that. I didn’t have anywhere to live, so I thought I was living at my best friend’s house which in turn was her house because my best friend was crashing at [LaLa] house so then I, in turn, was crashing at her house. So she was like ‘who are you?’ and I had a bag and she was like ‘what’s that?’ and  I was like, ‘this is my stuff’. She was like, ‘what are you doing with it?’ and I was like, ‘I live here now’ and she just went off so she didn’t like me for the first couple of weeks we hung out. But then when I got in the apartment and she was upset, and I was like ‘No, I want you to stay’. So, if you know La, you’d know that she likes a lot of people around and very family oriented.

On being La La & Melo’s sex slave:

I really wanted to dedicated my life to music. So, a month after I quit, the show happened. I actually called La, and she was in the office with the producers and she put me on speaker phone and she was pitching the show and she was telling them about me…she put me on speakerphone so I was like ‘Yo, I quit my job, I ain’t got no money so I have a proposal for you. She was like “what is it?” I go ‘Yo can you you just pay me $5,000 a month and I will be you and Mel’s sex slave’. That was a very serious proposal. Mel has no interest in me sexually and neither does La but I thought if you pitch something and make it sound good, it works sometimes.


On her nose job:

It’s not that I thought I was ugly or anything like that. I just wanted it to be different. Ya know, some girls don’t like their weight so they lose weight, you don’t like the color of your hair so you change the color of your hair.

On being a preachers daughter:

Me and my mother have a really good relationship but she always prays for me… It’s been a “phase” since I was 9  but she’s praying about it though. She’s supportive, so I taught her a lot and she raised me to be who I want to be and she knows I’m a good girl and not like a demon child.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta