[WATCH] Tank (Sorta) Serenades Wendy Williams With ‘Your’e My Star’

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R&B performer, Tank, performed his new single, “You’re My Star” today on The Wendy Williams Show, giving the talk show host a semi-serenade and two-step number. The singer (who is also 1/3rd of TGT) also revealed why he withdrew from performing the national anthem at an L.A. Clippers game last week in the wake of Donald Sterling’s comments.
Tank said,
For me it was simple. You know, I’m a black man. Completely. And you know, to believe what I believe about black people and how great we are and how much work we’ve put in for that man. That’s a check I don’t need. If he [Sterling] doesn’t want us in that building, then we don’t have to be there. My stand was for everybody, minorities period.
Check out his performance below.