[VIDEO] Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karlie Redd On Discovering Yung Joc’s Side-Chick On Reality TV


This week, as many of us watched on the small screen, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Karlie Redd had a few crazy moments when it comes to her ex-man, rapper Yung Joc. From going to blows with his side-chick to letting him know her place in their relationship, Karlie definitely had a rude wake up.


This week Karlie stopped by V103’s Big Tigger show , to let her fans know what is next to come with her ad Yung Joc’s relationship and other ventures that she has going on besides reality TV. Check out a few quotes below:

Big Tigger: What would you say to people when they say your a little bit needy/controlling/over the top with it?

Karlie Redd: That’s a lot, which one am I? Uhm…Karlie Redd is always about her business as you can see with the cosmetic line, hair line, I’m always about my business but at the end of the day, I want to be in love just like every woman. We want to walk down the aisle.

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Big Tigger: How did it really make you feel for her to admit to you in your face, while ya’ll are both looking for a crib to move into together, that she’s doing what she’s doing with your man?

I said ‘These sidechicks..they got roles. These sidechicks got roles these days’. Like she’s the help to the ultimate level. She drove us to Birmingham, Alabama for my booking one time, she helped style me for his video, and she was like why not do something on the side to him…

Big Tigger: Did you feel betrayed? How are you processing it, you look really smiley faced for somebody to find out their man is doing something behind their back?

Because a woman’s intuition is something else. I knew…that’s why I was trynna’ play it off with the whole Jeremih thing because I knew what he was doing, I had a feeling about it. How I react is what you gotta see on next week’s episode.

Check out their full conversation below.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta