[EXCLUSIVE] Madonna Sued For Fraud, Accused Of Ruining Company’s Reputation


The company claims in 2008, Madonna’s company New Evolution Ventures filed docs to trademark the name Hard Candy for fitness gyms. The co. says New Evolution opened gyms outside America but never in the US.

However, they claim Madonna then started using the name to sell fitness DVDs in America. Further, they say she tried to trademark the name for clothing  but was shut down by the trademark department. They state that despite being shut down, Madonna continues to sell apparel with the name causing them harm and loss of money.

madonna_nicki minaj_i dont give a_the jasmine brand

The company says Madonna is confusing consumers, being deceptive, ruined their trademarks good name and causing them to lose money.

Hard Candy wants an injunction against Madonna – they filed suit against her for damages and to stop using their trademark along with Madonna’s trademark registrations to be cancelled. See the EXCLUSIVE Court documents!

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