[EXCLUSIVE] DMX’s Baby Mamas & Creditor Battle Over Music Royalties

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The label claims that Amusing Diversions (AD) is at the back of the line of who gets a cut of DMX’s royalties–due to the child support payments. The label states that while they have some sympathy over the debt DMX owes them, they cannot disregard the orders which go to the benefit of 5 children. Universal Music says that AD is well aware they aren’t priority and just because they had a challenging legal battle with DMX, doesn’t mean they have to get involved or bend the law to make up what they went through.


Further, the music label states that DMX was actually in the hole 59k back when AD first contacted them due to advanced royalties and they don’t have any money to distribute at this time–and only recently was he in the green for only 18k.

Universal is asking that the court dismiss AD’s demands they be paid first. Read theJasmineBRAND.com ‘s EXCLUSIVE Court Documents, DMX – Baby Mamas & Creditor Music Royalties EXHIBIT part 1 &  Music Royalties EXHIBIT part 2. 

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