[WATCH] Towanda Braxton Talks Open Marriage + Is She Still Dating Kordell Stewart?

Is Tamar the center of all the drama? Towanda said, “Yea, even when were were growing up.”

Trina added,

Well she’s the baby in every sense of the word so now that we are growing up and going through all these growing pains, she still wants to act like the baby.

Towanda added, “It’s good [our relationship with Tamar], its a great relationship. Even though we argue hard, we still love each other.”

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When Wendy asks Trina about her relationship with Gabe she says, “Well you know, we’ve been square dancing for a lot of years, we’re in we’re out, we’re in, we’re out. We are concentrating on being good parents and when we stepped away we decided that no matter what we are going through, that our kids come first.” When asked if they are living under the same roof, Trina responds “We are working on that, we’re working on that, its a gradual process.”

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Towanda opens up about her relationship with Andre explaining to Wendy and Trina about her open marriage situation, “Well we have an open and front door.” Trina jumps in saying “What does that mean?” Wendy also needed clarification and asks if he is allowed to go out and have sexual relations with other women. Towanda says “I don’t know. I have to be honest, if he does I don’t know about it. He’s home with the kids a lot. While I’m on the road, he is with the kids all the time. Honestly I don’t see how he would have time.” Trina interjects saying “They always make time.” Towanda continued telling Wendy, “I don’t, I haven’t dated [I have the rule in place] just incase.”

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