Ear Hustlin’: Minutes Before Her Death, Did Mayweather Suggest Earl Hayes Leave Stephanie Moseley Because of Infidelity?

Floyd Mayweather-Stephanie Moseley-Earl Hayes-Murder Suicide-the jasmine brand

Even more developments are being released about the murder-suicide of VH1 actress Stephanie Moseley and her husband, Earl Hayes. As previously reported on Monday (December 8th), the rapper reportedly shot and killed his wife and then himself, and were found in their Los Angeles apartment.

So what’s the latest in this tragic case? According to TMZ, an extensive amount of marijuana was found in their home. In fact, reportedly cops found nearly 10 pounds of high-grade weed, which is estimated to be worth $40K (on the streets). Reportedly, an armed guard was needed to protect the stash, as it was taken to a police lab.

Earl Hayes, Mayweather, Nas

Earl Hayes, Mayweather, Nas

Floyd Mayweather — who was said to be close friends with Earl — was reportedly on FaceTime with him, when he shot and killed Stephanie while she was in her bathtub, then turned the gun on himself. According to a number of reports, during the phone conversation between Earl and Floyd, Floyd was suggesting that he (Earl) leave his wife, for being continuously unfaithful in