(EXCLUSIVE) Kendrick Lamar to Reach Settlement in Lawsuit Accusing Him of Song Theft

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Kendrick Lamar has reached a financial settlement in the legal battle accusing him of illegally stealing another musician’s song on his debut album, with the rapper signing a confidential agreement in which he will pay up for the alleged infringement — theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports.

Earlier this year, the 27-year-old rapper was reportedly sued by a U.K. based company, Woolfsongs Limited, who manage the musician Eric Woolson in federal court. They accused the Interscope signed artist of illegally using a sample of the artist song “Old and Wise” in his song “Keisha’s Song”, which was featured on Kendrick’s second album “Section.80”. [FYI, Good Kid, m.A.A.d City was Kendrick’s third album.]

The company reportedly stated they had attempted to settle the matter out of court in April 2014, but Kendrick and his people couldn’t reach terms in a settlement and then ceased communication with the company.