(UPDATE) Is Lil Wayne Cheating On Christina Milian With Model Ashlee Monroe?

Lil wayne-dating ashlee monroe-cheating on christina milian-the jasmine brand

Rumor has it, Christina Milian isn’t the only woman that Lil Wayne has eyes for. Allegedly, there’s a a popular model who guys by the name Ashlee Monroe that has some type of relationship with the Young Money rapper. [FYI: Ashlee Monroe starred in the video for Lil Wayne, Drake and Future’s video ‘B*tches Love Me’.]

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Compliments of Baller Alert, there’s a photo circulating that Ashlee allegedly posted and then quickly deleted. The photo was supposedly taken in Lil Wayne’s bed. She shared the photo with the caption:

#hisbed He say I’m a difficult woman #tunechi. He love this difficult woman #AshleeMonroe … #loversandfriends Now have a couple so please #turndown Just the volume #girlbye